About us

chicotuboCanarian Surf School is born through the union of several instructors, wanting to bring all the experience I have garnered over years of teaching surf lessons throughout the country.
After 20 years surfing and many world travels behind us, we want to share with you all our tricks and experiences.
We are not a surf school more, we are your school.

The feeling that a wave, created by nature thousands of miles, it's taking you to the edge of the beach, is truly unforgettable and immediately want more.
"As I surfed my first wave, I felt something amazing was a feeling I will never forget, was the most amazing experience I had tried. After 15 years, I'm surfing every day."
These words and feelings we share almost all surfers.


All our instructors are certified by the ISA (International Surfing Association) and by the Spanish Federation of surf sport surf Technicians offer first aid courses and life guards.
Our main goal is to have fun in a safe and fun, with highly qualified instructors.
With our instructors not only learn to stand up on a surfboard, but also teach you respect and know the sea, and all the tricks and techniques needed to learn to surf and perfect for a fun way.

Materials have always in perfect condition.
Surfboards soft starter (Shock and keels anticortes) made to measure suits, surfing suits you and according to water temperature, location and security tights, helmets, life jackets, boots, kit and etc. ., always offer the best and safest.

We are a mobile Surf School. We offer free shuttle, which we assure you that we will always have the best conditions, sea and surf safety. Whatever your age and level.

Our experience
20 years in the sport and many years of teaching courses Surf our guarantee.
We practice every day and are experts in Surf, Bodyboard and Longboard.

Stay up to date
We have accident insurance and liability, material in perfect condition permits costs, passenger permission, Trainer graduates ... etc.
With Canarian Surf School are in good hands.